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Pest Control & Fertilizing
​Tree Pest Protection

    Our company offers tree protection services for insects and diseases. We primarily use two systems depending on the pest treatment needs of the customer's tree.
    The Arborjet tree I.V. Micro-Infusion system is an effective way to inject concentrated pesticides under high pressure. For Emerald Ash Borer control, this system with Tree-Äge (Emamectin benzoate) insecticide provides the most effective, longest lasting protection and control. To protect specimen Ash trees from Emerald Ash Borer, we suggest alternating year treatments with Tree-Äge.
    The Mauget system injectables provide an inexpensive alternative to regular topical sprays for leaf disease protection. This low pressure injection system provides a safe and longer lasting approach to some leaf and vascular tree diseases.
    Our tree fertilization methods include basil drench, trunk injections and deep root fertilization which provides a safer and cleaner area for people and pets.

    Contact us to develop a tree pest protection & fertilization plan for your landscape.
General areas of Emerald Ash Borer infestation in Wisconsin as of August, 2011.
When Emerald Ash Borer adults exit the ash tree they leave behind tiny D-shaped holes.