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Tree Removal & Pruning
   " We Specialize in difficult removals."
     Steve, Jake and our crew are experts in the removal and pruning of trees and shrubs. Our 60 foot aerial lift truck and our new 55 foot portable lift allow us access to any tree in your yard. 
     Our goal is to tread lightly and leave your lawn looking like it did before we arrived. Therefore, we will plank in our equipment during wet weather.

  • Trees are trimmed to maintain the health of the tree.
  • ​We remove hazardous or split limbs, dead wood and watersprouts.
  • We haul away all wood chips and logs unless the homeowner would like to keep them
  • We can bolt and cable split limbs if feasible
  • 24 hour storm damage
  • Any nests or small animals found in a tree we are working on will be relocated before any work begins.
  • We will contact We Energies to arrange for power line drop or to have limbs cut away from primary lines.